UX meets UI—
To create and imagine beautiful and unique experiences where aesthetics meet functionality and usability.

Follow the right process—
By keeping an eye on the latest technologies, people needs, new habits & behaviours.
By reaching out users for insight and feedback on a regular basis before every iteration instead of working based on personal assumptions.
By being adaptable and flexible in the approach.
By owning your failure and learning from it: taking risks and letting the door opened to new ideas.

Always aim high—
To provide answers for the present and foresee future needs.
To build a bridge between users/customers and stakeholders.

Bond with the Team—
To collaborate with architects, front end and back end developers, functional designers, testers, clients, users, marketing, product owners, etc.
To learn as much as possible from them with great humility.
To share and be more transparent: communication is one of the most important part during the process, from initial concept & analysis stage to market delivery.
To ask questions and embrace all the constraints of a problem. A deep understanding will empower every team member to be more pro-active whether it's about solving a problem or seeking innovation.